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Originally Posted by haaku1234 View Post
Hello, everyone! I'm starting early this year. So, time for the usual questions!
Which day would work for you guys?
What time would you guys like?

Let me know!
Day: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: Pool deck alright?

Host: Haaku1234


Chiyo--Haaku1234's Mom

***I'll be checking this fairly INFREQUENTLY as con is so far away.***

This is cool XD I went to Anime Expo 2013 first time with my cosplay buddy and we were thinking about going to AnimeLA as well!

I cosplay as Sasori and my buddy does Deidara >__<. My other friend just got into cosplaying and she might do Konan!

Anyways, I never really went to cosplay gathering before (yes even at AnimeExpo haha) is it more like meeting new people, hanging out and taking pictures? ^0^
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