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So far, I think we have it planned out that my group is doing...
Sango (demon slayer version), Kagome, InuYasha, Sesshomaru, and Rin for our larger group.
Kushina and Minato... (my husband and me.), Kurenai and Asuma... And then Hinata.
Madara Uchiha, Tobirama Senju, and Hashirama Senju.
Then Eren, Mikasa, and Hanji (Attack on Titan).

These are likely to change around a few times, as they already have, but our possibilities are limited otherwise.
Maybes for the Group:
Kimimaro (full working bone blades)
Temari (including 9 ft spanned fan)
Kankuro (puppet included)
Gaara (gourd that actually emits something resembling sand, without scattering it)
BB (Death Note)
Light Yagami (Death Note)
L Lawliet (Death Note)

Originally Posted by ihelia View Post
The boyfriend and I are currently obsessed with Attack on Titan, so if we don't get it done in time for AnimeFest, I expect Eren and Mikasa to be done for A-Kon 25.
If you do it, I can't wait! We should be dressed in the Attack on Titan style as Eren and Mikasa too. Good luck! =D
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