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Originally Posted by seiryuux View Post
A lot. I didn't care for having two skits being the exact same (the Mass Effect 3 one).

I just wished I knew about the change of venues for the Masquerade from last year to this year. Had I know, I wouldn't have had to cancel a Persona 4 skit that required a poster-sized Persona-lized tarot card as a visual gag that wouldn't work in the old venue.
You have to keep in mind while you didn't care for that, the people in the costumes were probably just as upset with themselves for having done the same thing as someone else. It puts a lot of extra pressure on them to be unique some way.

Other than the 2 ME skits I didn't think there were a lot of duplicate entries. Lots of well done walk ons, a few that I thought needed audio (even from the judges table I found it very hard to hear the skit with the spartan in particular). Overall the only thing I think that was really 'off' about this year was the way the audience was set up so that the wings made it really difficult to see the stage.

I'm still impressed with the quality of work that comes out of the Novice and Journeyman devisions.
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