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Hey y'all! I had a really fun con and lots of pictures were taken of me this weekend, so if you by any chance find some, or have some, tag me in them, or send them my way so I can see! I so wish I could have stayed for the Monday of the con, but silly TX A&M has classes on Labor Day, so poo. Anywho, I'm rambling, so here's my lineup from the con:

Friday: "Don't Say Lazy" Mio Akiyama from K-On! (I was the one with the real bass.)
Saturday: Eureka from Eureka Seven (I had a little larvae Nirvash plushie with me.)
Sunday: Blake Belladonna from RWBY (I also had her weapon, a Gambol Shroud with me.)

My facebook should be in my signature below, so you can just friend request me and tag me in pictures, or just PM me here with the link.


Next cons:

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