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How do I make a Steampunk Costume?

I was watching an episode of Syfy's Cosplay and saw a few steampunk costumes, I then saw the same thing while watching an episode of "Castle" with Nathan Fallion. In both of these episodes I saw beautiful and creative Steampunk Costumes and it got me do I make one of those with what is in my closet?

I'm not sure what to put into it as I am on a budget of $30 and I need to make it appropriate to be worn around elementary school children. My Halloween costume this year will be Steampunk as I have outworn my Renaissance Dress....four years of changing it into different things.

I have the following items for the costume already put aside:
1. Fedora Hat
2. Midrift long sleeve black coat
3. High heal shoes

All are black and I was thinking of adding in a black tank top underneath but am unsure of how to make those four things into a Steampunk influence outfit.

If you have any ideas please let me know....oh I do not sew! The most I have sewn is my daughter's school patches onto her uniforms so little things like that I can do.

Thank you in advance....I am now realizing how much harder this is then I thought seeing as I wish this to be used for more than one year plus conventions in my area.
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