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Originally Posted by SingSimple View Post
I think the best way to do the shirt design is by using a screen printing kit, but you could also use fabric paint/sharpies or embroider it. I don't think anything special or out there needs to be done for the makeup, keeping it basic is probably best. I hope this helps
I agree. My high school art teacher taught us a cool and cheap way to screen print with simple fabric paints.

Get a large embroidery hoop, some really sheer fabric, whatever fabric paint you may need, modge podge, and some really cheap fabric to test print on(or an old T-shit). (When I bough this it cost me like $20, but I have already made like 4 shirts and still have fabric and modge podge to spare. Plus some extra paint if my shirts get ruined.) You cut a square of fabric and pull it taught within the hoop, then trace your design on the inside of the hoop with it laying flat against the table (fabric to the table. no gap.) Then you modge podge the areas with no paint and when that is dry you can make as many shirts with that design you want.

you do have to test to make sure you have no holes in you modge podge area though. its a bit tedious, but once you make sure its perfect the shirts turn out really nice.
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