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I'll try to keep it down to just one or two per day .. promise

I'm moderately happy with this one. Not my best work, but about as good as I could manage given the crowd. The cosplayers were all very well-behaved, but there were just about as many onlookers and other photographers crowded to the sides and back. I'm glad I brought my little plastic megaphone!

I had left my 14mm back at my staging area, and the 24-70 just wasn't wide enough. So, this is pano-stitched together from five individual shots. I was really worried about the stitching, but everyone was holding their poses really well, so it wasn't as much trouble as I expected. I added the frame to cover some of the crowd, clutter, and corners that were lost in the stitching process.

DragonCon_20130831_Bioshock_Pano.jpg by nathancarter, on Flickr

Here's a direct link to a somewhat bigger one, the original is like 10k pixels wide.

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Before Nathan blows how this thread heres some stuff from SDCC, I took a break from editing and photography after SDCC so hence slow release.
Nice ones! One of these days I'll shoot with someone "famous" .. I shot a few with BelleChere last year but only saw her in passing this year.
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