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Anna G Review

Name of Commissioner: Anna G / Anna Glowacki
Website/ gallery: Also has a account.

Character commissioned and series/video game: Asuna Yuuki School Uniform from Sword art Online entire costume.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Timeline: First contacted in March and approved the commission contract in May, Recieved the costume 4 months later

Describe your Experience: I contacted Anna originally in March asking her about her commissions she posted in the marketplace and asked for a quote for the costume. We talked it over and then i didn't have enough for a deposit so i waited. We talked about a deadline and she decided a July 31st deadline would be perfect (I thought that would be great though I originally was going to offer the deadline for the end of august). I sent in the deposit and she stated she could finish it by july 31st. I send her the measurements and deposit and then don't hear from her for a few weeks. I ended up having to call and leave a voicemail before she emailed and stated she received the deposit and everything fine.
next trouble was when I tried to get a progress picture, it was excuse after excuse and then i finally received and email with a progress picture (after i called twice) after the deadline.. I decided to let it slide because i didn't need the costume for another two months. Mind you i got the progress in august. I approved what i could tell from the costume and she said she would ship it off (the beginning of august) Come the end of august I had received no replies via email or call (i called multiple times on different days and left voicemail) and my costume was still not around. After another week and now the start of September I get an email with more excuses and saying that the shipping company had held the package.
After more calls she finally emailed and said it should arrive Thursday or friday...It turned up on Saturday in a little tiny box which she had literally balled the costume up and stuffed it in.... Needless to say i was not impressed by someone I expected to be professional..
As for the costume itself the buttons are different for the top and the skirt.. and the skirt has a not so invisible zipper in the side that was put in oddly and has a large gap that when worn you can see my skin on my hip.. I'm going to try to salvage what i can of this costume so i can maybe still wear it next weekend but I'm very dissapointed. Especially after all of the A reviews she received.

Passed the deadline , Terrible contact , and poorly made
Final Grade: C-
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