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Hi, I've been hunting all over for pictures of myself and my friend. Animefest was kind of the first con we did together and only my third con so I'm a bit newish to cosplaying in general.

Friday I was an Ace Trainer from the pokemon B&W games and she was Misty!
I was carrying around a wailord plush if that helps...!

Saturday we were Cecil and Carlos from Welcome to Nightvale. She had a chin length black wig, a labcoat, purple calculator, red converses and a red plaid shirt if that helps. I had a galaxy bowtie, purple headphones for some of the day, a black vest and white button up shirt with black pants. I had purple sharpie tattoos all over my arms and later in the day an octopus backpack and crochet squid on my head 8|a

Sunday I was Red Saber from Fate/ Extra, and she was Children's Day Poland from Hetalia!
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