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For Otakon next year...

Sasha Braus (Attack on Titan) - Biggest concern for me is the 3dmg. Brainstorming and looking at lots of tutorials

Reimu Hakurei (Touhou) - Want to built the whole outfit from scratch, doesn't seem too difficult, but worried about doing frills lol

Aya Shameimaru (Touhou) - I cosplayed as Aya in 2012, and would like to dress as her again. This time, with a brand new set of wings (that I am currently working on!)

Don't know about which days I'll dress, let's see how things go!

So excited I have a whole year to plan now! Last year I was so caught up with planning my wedding up until June! I did manage to spit out 2 costumes in time for Otakon this year, but I lost so much sleep, don't want to do that again x_X
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