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1) What machine do you own? Include the maker and model number please!
I bought a Janome Mini from Amazon, for about $50. I don't think it had a model number.

2) When did you purchase it/how old is it?
I purchased it about the end of last year, new.

3) How much sewing experience do you have? (how long sewing, how advanced your projects are)
I am EXTREMELY new at sewing, so a very basic, unexpensive machine was all I was looking for. I ended up unwittingly choosing a project that required a LOT of applique.

4) What do you like most about the machine?
It was cheap. Plus, it's basic (and slow) enough for someone like me to get comfortable with it. The directions are really easy to follow as well. ^^ This machine has the basic stitch and zigzag stitch, in several sizes. Also, being in the military, having a smaller machine is helpful for when I have to move.

5) What do you not like?
This machine is very sensitive to cheap thread. It is also quite loud, and several reviews commented about how slowly it went for them. I also noticed that when sewing several layers of cotton together, it tended to get testy-getting louder, and going slower. I haven't tried sewing anything heavy duty, nor do I plan to in the near future. If you plan on sewing anything like leather, PVC, or a thick jean material, this might not be the best choice. Also, the backstitch is a bit difficult to use. There were also reviews complaining about the lack of light over the needle.

6) Would you recommend your machine to a fellow cosplayer?
If you're new like me, completely. I definitely feel as though this machine will last me a while, and it's definitely worth the $50. For someone more experienced, this would probably serve as a good backup or travel machine. It's light, and efficient enough for small-medium projects. I had to sew a 6 foot cape, and this made the process soo much faster.
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