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I would like to reiterate my sincerest and most genuine feeling and belief that DropsOfRain (along with others who offered their input, etc., since it was very much asked for and sought and appreciated by me, as the victimized customer who started this thread to begin with) has neither said nor done anything amiss, and certainly nothing for which he should be feeling sorry or regretful to the point where he would no longer wish or feel comfortable speaking up on what is, after all, a most grievously serious matter. I have looked at where the commissioner forum rules are laid out, and I have searched through many past threads as well, and nowhere have I seen any mention made that if someone doesn’t have any personal involvement or isn’t directly, personally affected by the matter at hand, then they can’t or shouldn’t be commenting on it. I have, certainly, seen many upon many past threads where comments and feedback have been offered freely, openly and countless times over by others who are not directly involved in the matter at hand (who don’t have the proverbial “horse in the race”, as it were, if I may use that turn of phrase), but who are moved to speak to it nonetheless. So....

I would sincerely ask, then, of DropsOfRain and of everyone else who has spoken up on these matters – if I may be so bold as to say, spoken up for me as one of the victimized customers, and for my rights therein – please continue offering me your feedback and comments....I ask for it, I entreat you for it, and I am truly and humbly appreciative of it. Were it not for you and, hence, were it not for others speaking up in this way, I would feel truly alone – and like I didn’t have any recourse whatsoever. (I know, of course, that such is not the case, but that is due in large part to the feedback I have received and that others have spoken up, to that end.)

I would, I fear, have come to feel all too unfortunately beaten-down and defeated, were it not for what I have heard back. I ask and implore you to please continue speaking up, and I welcome and appreciate – and also, need – your feedback and commentary on these matters. It has enabled me to know that I am not alone, and that has already helped more than I could find words to express. It has also ensured that I know what steps to next pursue, and what recourse I do in fact possess.

Now, then, as further particular update: I E-mailed the commissioner essentially what I posted here last night, laying out precisely and exactingly what I, as the customer, request – nothing less than that, given what I specifically laid out in the post and in the subsequent E-mail – and, really, the only way in which it can be ensured that further escalation of these matters will not be deemed necessary. I have received no response and, accordingly, will be beginning to take those steps which I very much wished I would not have to. But this cannot continue.

I am also extremely interested, as I am sure everyone else is herein, to know more of what has happened with Ketania’s situation; I feel simply dreadful for her, and if she is alright with it I would very much like her to keep us closely apprised. Certainly, I feel that is merited.
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