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Dandelion - Wishes Brought To You

Hello! My name is Jensen or Anami (The Jiyeon for our Dandelion group)! We have a group for Dandelion for Friday of the con, but we are having a small problem! We need a Heejung for this group, our current one is unable to go because of work so we are looking for a Heroine for the game!

This lovely lady!

She has quite a few simple outfits, including the dress. We just would love to have one for our group. The perks are you get to be surrounded by lovely bunny and cat boys. Including the constant enjoyment of a certain orange kitty trying to woo you with all the cuteness!

The game itself, and free demo, can be found here

Even if you don't want to be our Heejung we will be more than happy for photos and things. I will update this when we have confirmed exact times for the Photoshoot(s?) on Friday!
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Otakon Line-up

Koga - Ensemble Stars
Iwatooshi - Touken Ranbu

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