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Hello, I am a fellow cosplayer and commissioner looking to make your next cosplay AMAZING!
The costumes, props and other items that that I make are well constructed and are fit to your needs and measurements. It is my goal to be to provide as much information that I can so you feel confident and comfortable with my work as I know how important it is for your costume to look accurate and amazing!
Commissions, Props, Wigs and other cosplay items i've worked on can be seen here;
************************************************** ********
My website is http://AyaseShinCosplay(
************************************************** ********
My pricing is depending on each project breaking it down with fabric cost, material cost, and production cost.
Shipping is calculated as an addition to all quotes unless specified in individual qoute. (State, Zip)
International is offered with applied rates*
************************************************** ********
BOOK NOW for Christmas!
(Only between November 15 - December 31 shipping)
Commissions are based on a measurements provided by customer and are made to order, this includes costumes, props, accessories and wigs. Below are some prices for production and estimated turn around times.
************************************************** *********
Payment plans are an option on any commission requested through me. Please Note me if you have any questions or requests.

Minimum production price - $100
Takes usually 2-4 weeks depending on complexity of design, size and details.

Minimum production price - $75
Materials used are expanding foam, wood, plasticard, plastic styrene, acrylic and craft foam.
Turn around: 3+ weeks, 1 week for smaller requests.

Minimum production price - $20
Wigs are supplied from Arda Wigs and styled to buyers needs.
Turn around: 1-2 weeks

Minimum production price - $35

Please PM me if you are interested in a custom made costume, prop, or wig commission.
Cosplay / Prop Commissioner

Ayase Shin Coslay @

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