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Pokemon 2014 Gathering

I'm surprised no one has created a thread for this before me. Anyway, will anyone be cosplaying as character or gijinka version of a Pokemom from the series? I plan on being Iris in her Champion outfit from Black 2/White 2 and maybe possibly Serena from Pokemon X/Y.

I would love to meet up with other cosplayers from the series and take lots of pictures!

*The gathering is set to take place on Day 1 at 1:20 PM (around an hour) for now at the Pool Deck. However, I will made a poll for people to vote for it to be then or at 3:20 PM instead (less than an hour 20 to 40 minutes). Please vote before December 7th (date where the gatherings are submitted)

Here is the link to the event on Facebook to join: 1262499117

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