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I'm happy it's in March haha~
I usually get pretty warm wearing wigs and all the layers in costumes during summer cons... So this should actually be fairly comfortable for me! As long as it's not snowing or raining lmao~
Preregistration I'm probably gonna be Gary Oak (Pokémon). Friday will probably be Gary Oak again, but I'm also considering putting together a Yusuke Urameshi cosplay for that. Saturday's gonna be Shanks (One Piece), then Ikki Minami (Air Gear) later that day . Sunday might either be casual or Tracey Sketchit .
Day 0: Shinkai Hayato(Yowapeda), Saeki Kojirou (Prince of Tennis)?
Day 1:Nishinoya Yuu (HQ), Fuji Yuuta (Prince of Tennis)
Day 2: Shinkai Hayato (Yowapeda)
Day 3: Kisarazu Atsushi (Prince of Tennis)
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