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Originally Posted by verdatum View Post
Awesome. Thank you for sharing this! I am very jealous. The only reason I don't already own a 3D printer myself is that I decided I want a CNC milling machine even more, so I must save up for that instead.

Have you played around with any of the techniques I hear about acetone vapor smoothing? It sounds a touch dangerous, but still looks to be very effective at removing print marks.
Acetone vapor, no I haven't done only because I don't have a properly ventilated space to do it in. As far as danger is concerned, you certainly don't want to breathe the fumes since it is crazy toxic. But you don't need to be too terribly afraid of a fire or anything. There is some video on Hackaday maybe where people literally just lit the vapor on fire to see how bad it could get... And it just flashes for a second, and that's it. No explosion, no burned eyebrows.

But acetone washing, yes I have (and am currently doing) that with my printed parts for this, as well as other projects I've done. I was saving it for a post where I've finished that up, and there's pros and cons to acetone washing versus manual sanding. I'll post up updates on acetone washing soon, since the front part of the Pip-Boy has some rounder parts that benefit from it more.
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