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Masquerade vs. Hall/Craftsmanship Contests

I normally compete in craftsmanship only contests. There is craftsmanship pre-judging and a stage walk (which is not judged.) I'm trying to expand the conventions I attend and I've come across several that have a hall contest and a masquerade, where the masquerade has a craftsmanship element/walk-on, etc.

So what I'm wondering is that for someone like me who doesn't do skits but treasures good craftsmanship, which one is better to enter? Normally I'd say masquerade isn't for me, but if it has that walk-on pre-judged craftsmanship option, it sounds similar to other non-skit contests I've been in, like AWA. I am not scared to go onstage so that's not a factor, I'm just not into performing yet, and I like to go solo.

I guess a good example would be Katsucon, which I'm attending for the first time in 2014. I can't decide between hall and masquerade! Bc if both have craftsmanship judging, what's the difference besides a stage walk? (Which I'm hoping you guys can answer ) Do the quality of judges differ? Would hall be easier to win for craftsmanship? So many questions!! :P
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