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Originally Posted by GodKing_Jedi View Post
She never responded to my E-mail in which I told her point-blank that I wanted her to cease all work on Loki immediately - that I did not care about the "painting and attaching" of the armour, which she claimed were supposedly all that remained to be done and the rest of it was thus supposedly "complete" (!!!) – I told her I wanted it sent to me now, as-is, effective immediately, otherwise I would be taking further action to rectify these matters. (particularly since, despite what she attempts to claim in her list, I never told her anywhere, at any point, that the "Thor 2" movie premiere was in fact the deadline for completion and receipt of the cosplay. I never stated such to her, so she made that decision all on her own without any consultation with the customer, which is also incredibly eggregious) We all know well what further action to which I refer.

I did not hear anything back from her, despite the fact that I am the paying, long-put-upon customer, etc., etc. – so quite clearly she does not care in the slightest about customer satisfaction – not that she ever did, it’s obvious – and even now she cares little to truly make things right. She is not even attempting to do the right thing. Yesterday she posted a little update on her FB page stating: “Shipping this week are Donnel and Journey. Next week, once I get my work schedule for the week, are Alexander and Shadow Lugia”. This statement, I will point out, directly contravenes what she posted earlier when she said, on September 9th: “Within the next seven days (today is September 9th), these commissions will be shipped:
-Journey Red variant
-Donnel from Fire Emblem”

You see the difference between then and now, of course, and the rather indicting difference at that. Then, it was “within the next seven days, these commissions will be shipped”; now, it’s “shipping this week”. It perhaps may seem a subtle difference to some, but I immediately picked up on it and I think it is very telling, very indicative indeed. What it tells me quite plainly is that Mykaios is attempting, yet again, to “shift the goalposts” in these matters – as she has done before ad nauseam. Because, again, she has demonstrated no real willingness whatsoever to accommodate the fully justified requests and demands of customers – she refuses to cooperate – and that refusal is very much being noted and taken into account with regards to the actions I am now pursuing.
(my sister was logged in so I accidentally answered on her account. )

That's horrible! You gave her the easy way out and she doesn't take it? Does she not know how much of a scammer she looks right now? And she keeps claiming that she isn't one.

"I'm going to be shipping them this week" = more of her delay tactics that she had been using for a while now. It's very inexcusable the way she's acting really.

Did she ever apologized? I have a feeling that all she ever said was,"Look, I know I mess up, {insert excuse here}"

*give you hug*
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