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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Per the rules, I believe you're suppose to put them all in one listing anyway..that's what the rules said last time but no one really followed it..I did, but not many others..

However, I do find the 5 posts thing a little annoying.. what if you are a prop and wig commissioner, but also have cosplays, wigs, and props to sell. Then oh wait! They need something commissioned? Oh well, already have 5 posts, guess you won't get that ad up for needing something..kinda sucks and we should be allowed to make more.
Actually, that rule was made for the forums specifically, not the actual marketplace only due to people spamming the forums trying to sell things. The marketplace before the forums was this exact same set-up (though I, too, feel we were allowed more than 5 active ads) and had one "item" per ad (or that's how people chose to advertise then). After I re-read the rules, it doesn't specify in them whether to combine items or not -- I think that is up to the seller. This is also why they allowed 5 ads per person so people could sell multiple things. The downside about smushing everything in one ad is it is cluttered and hard to see...and only one photo shows as the main (title as well). So if you are selling multiple things, buyers really have to look at everything in one place (could be good or bad), or the just skip it completely. The plus side is more things can be offered in that one ad.

I'd like to be able to have more ads to sell things as well.

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