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This is BetwixtReality, something stupid happened and killed that account. I don't know what in the world it was, but yeah had to make this new one.

I can't promise much of a group, but I definitely am cosplaying from it. I can merely try to persuade my friends. XD I've already urged one who would likely be going to Otakon to start reading Red River using promises of two hot guys wrestling in a river nude. ... I am utterly shameless. I'll try to get a few others to read it and then as things get a little closer and they start planning costumes putting out suggestions.
Colossalcon '14:
Miguel (Road to El Dorado) - DONE
Prison Ivan (Lucky Dog 1) - 97%
Mafia Ivan (Lucky Dog 1) - 60%
Koujaku (DMMd) - 94%
Kondo (Gintama) - DONE

AX '14:
Msyu ([C]) - 0%
Ozpin (RWBY) - 90%
___ (Gintama) - DONE
Ratio (Hamatora) - 80%

AMA '14:
Uniform Lie Ren - 10%

Otakon '14:
Matsuri Hak (Akatsuki no Yona) - 20%
Kail (Red River) - 0%
Devil Sho (Skip Beat) - 0%
Inu no Taisho (Inuyasha) - DONE
Heine (Dogs: Bullets and Carnage) - DONE
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