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It looks like it's from a semi/mass production operation - so not exactly a "commissioner" and not prices you'd pay to commission someone. They also didn't use materials like in film - which can make things cheaper than commissioning someone to try to use materials as close as possible.

Since they are such a new show I'd want to find reviews and pictures of people wearing the items if possible. No one has reviewed them yet.

One thing I'm concerned about is that they're using the exact same picture for the "faux leather" and "cowhide" versions of the item. This is one picture of one garment used to sell two totally different things. Who knows what the item you'd actually get would look like.

Now, I think that if you got a product that looked like the picture, that's pretty great ! It's not exactly like the film, but people would certainly recognise it just as well and that's what matters. I would just be careful when buying from these kind of operations - make sure you're getting what's in the picture. You might check out other mass-production operations if this level of accuracy/etc is okay with you - it will also give you an idea of what sellers have stolen pictures to help keep you from being scammed.
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