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Making my 3D Maneuver Gear actually shoot?

My 3D Manuever Gear is completely finished, you can see it here!

I'm competing in a few months in my Eren Jaeger cosplay and I was thinking about how cool it would be if my 3D Manuever Gear actually shot out! Forewarning, I am by no means an engineer. The process would most likely involve me getting some sort of children's toy that shot out retractable projectiles and rigging them to my prop. I'm definetly not looking for them to ACTUALLY grapple on to things and shoot out at bullet speed (Some kid did that on youtube already and it blew my mind 0.0)

However, I'm totally clueless about what I would even use to rig it with, or if there even is a children's toy that does such a thing. It would just need to shoot out and then retract with a push of a button. Any ideas?
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