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Originally Posted by Clementine View Post
All I can say is...

I've never taken Balanchine! D:
One girl from my school got into SAB and originally wasn't going to go JUST because if she started doing Balanchine, it'd be hard to go back to RAD.

Needless to say though, she ended up going. I wish I had gotten to talk to her about it though....

I didn't see so many people from home before leaving because I went to intermediate classes instead of advanced even though I totally would have been allowed to....that was a mistake.
Originally Posted by ShinobiXikyu View Post
Cecchetti is a very hard one to pick up if you're not doing it from a young age. My old dance school taught the adult classes in mostly RAD, but their graded/kid classes in Cecchetti. Probably because adults without ten+ years of dance behind them would never pick up everything in that method. My main difficulty in going from RAD to Vaganova is the weirder arm positions and the different numbering of them. I had no bloody idea what she was talking about at first when she said third position (meaning the fifth, and I went from second to fifth to an arabesque within five seconds....). The school I'm in now is all Vaganova ballet. Complete with Russian teachers.
Yeah, I can see that.
Also I really hate hearing "fifth middle" or "fifth high."

But yeah Russian teachers are the best. Although I wasn't too keen on mine when there were beginners in the class.

You guys are making me really miss home.
I really hate starting over........though ballroom has been fun.
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