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You probably know that polyester doesn't take to pressing well - so that's going to be your biggest challenge. There are some arguably "over the top" methods you could use to hand-finish seams perfectly flat but you'll likely be fine without doing that.

Things going wrong can be frustrating - but until you know exactly how they're going wrong it can be hard to figure out a solution. It will really depend on your machine, the fabric, and your own comfort if there's a problem at all. It's kind of like if you choose to pin a seam before you sew it or not - some people always do, some never do, and some do when it suits them.

A lot of people have problems when they let the fabric be pulled while sewing - if you keep the fabric free of being pulled as it goes through under the foot it should be fine.

The rest is down to the specific fabric itself - and since even with the same fibre and general fabric type you can get different behaviours you'll just have to try and see ! If it acts weird and you can't figure out the problem don't hit your head against a wall, just ask here (or if you have someone who can help you in-person) !
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