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Originally Posted by LicketySplit07 View Post
That's actually what I'm working on! I'm hoping to have them finished by early December when my husband and I visit the mountains (crossing my fingers for a snowy photoshoot). He's going to get the Kristoff costume just because Kristoff looks like he has such a bigger build- like my hubby. I'm so excited to find someone else who's got plans to make this costume
Yay! That sounds absolutely amazing *envious* So I hope you two have loads of fun! Just be careful with your costumes in the snow I hope! Yup, Kristoff was based off "Bear Flynn" (original design of Flynn Rider) so he's pretty big, though thankfully Disney brought him down to a more "realistic" big burly man shape. I think my bf (the Flynn Rider in the previous Tangled pics) will make a decent Kristoff, originally was going to make him Hans believe it or not but Chris (my bf) is just TOO similar to Kristoff, even the names are similar. It was too uncanny to pass up! xD Me too! I can't wait to see how it turns out for you! Maybe show each other photos? Anyway, Good luck~!!!
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