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I feel the need to throw in my two cents. I really wish anime and all other conventions would just go with the ICG suggested rules. For the most part they are pretty clear cut on what division you should enter in. Sure there is always room for tweaking those rules per event, just as I know what it's like to wonder if you should be a novice or a journeyman based on your personal craftsmanship experience. As I have not yet won the major awards at a larger con, when I compete in a super competitive cons (such as Costume Con, World Con, Otakon, ect) at those type of cons I enter as a novice. All others I enter at the Journeyman level because I am well beyond the first, second and often times fifth entry of the new costumer. Especially considering there is no tried and true how to basic guide that outfits like 4-H offers.
It's all details... sometimes those details take way longer then planned.
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