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My first thought when scrolling through the pictures is that your should really avoid using your wide angle lens when you are framing a group shout like the AoT group make the two people on the sides look really funky.

For "hallway" shot, though, these are really nice. The are very clean...but some almost to the point of being sterile (I don't know if that quite makes sense). Also, I find dutch angles to be kind of annoying, but that might just be me.

As far as the last two shots in the album, I would can the last one and keep the second to last one. I think the second to last one does everything better than the last one...The lighting works really well with her pose, the background is more pleasant (esspecially with the placement of the dark grey band), and most of all, her expression. The first one feels like there is more there...her eyes are inviting and the slight smile on her face encourages that...versus in the last where she just seems to be "gaping" at you. I don't know, minor differences maybe, but I just think the second to last one works so much better.
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