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You guys should make a gathering topic. I know one friend who possibly would be going to Ota who loves Fuushigi Yuugi so might join you guys. (Also sorry if I butchered that spelling, she's big into it, me not so much.) So if you have your own topic and she does be able to go and is interested she can find you guys quickly. Besides you might coax other cosplayers out to join you guys. (Or you know be completely left alone and abandoned and feel horribly depressed that your fandoms aren't popular anymore. Yeeeeeah. XD)
Colossalcon '14:
Miguel (Road to El Dorado) - DONE
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Mafia Ivan (Lucky Dog 1) - 60%
Koujaku (DMMd) - 94%
Kondo (Gintama) - DONE

AX '14:
Msyu ([C]) - 0%
Ozpin (RWBY) - 90%
___ (Gintama) - DONE
Ratio (Hamatora) - 80%

AMA '14:
Uniform Lie Ren - 10%

Otakon '14:
Matsuri Hak (Akatsuki no Yona) - 20%
Kail (Red River) - 0%
Devil Sho (Skip Beat) - 0%
Inu no Taisho (Inuyasha) - DONE
Heine (Dogs: Bullets and Carnage) - DONE
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