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Originally Posted by haaku1234 View Post
I put it the maybe's, as long as a character was given. Day Two sounds good, as well.

Amaya: I didn't know where to put pre-Leaf Madara, so you make the first of the other section! During pictures, feel free to go with the Leaf, Akatsuki, or if we do a separate Uchiha group, then them!

Dacylunia: Welcome to the world of gatherings! It's a pretty fun place. Basically, we all shove together very close, then group by group I screech something, and those it applies to (such as, if I said Leaf, all the Leaf village people) will come up, we take a few pictures, I and a few others shout a countdown, then you go back to the mass of cosplayers. In the mass, feel free to make friends, ask for pictures, get your picture taken, etc. etc. etc.! At the end of the set pictures, I ask if there's any I forgot, and if there's any someone wants particularly (such as all Uzumaki and all Uchiha) we do it, and we disband! Basically, it's fun.
Thank you very much for the reply. It does sound exciting and a good place to meet people as well! I will be sure to check it out!!! XD
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