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Hello Another Central Virginia Hetalia Cosplayer here!
Wow I wish I would have noticed this board sooner but I don't go on as much as I'd like to ^_^ I hope to make it to Neko this year but that may not happen ^^'
But I heard there was talk of a winter meet up, I've known a couple of times some hetalia cosplayers have met up at Busch Gardens for a "Christmas Town" meet up! I've always wanted to go but never got the chance. From what I've heard it's great to take pictures ^_^
Also another great spot for a meet up is Maymont Park in Richmond. I've been to several cosplay meet ups there and haven't had any trouble.
I'll be attending NekoCon 15 2012
Friday: Medusa (Soul Eater)
Saturday: North Italy (Hetalia)
Sunday: Zoey (Left 4 Dead)
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