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1. Do you cosplay as certain characters from the book/the movies, or do you have an OC?
The dress i had made is based around arwen's blood red dress from the movies. I've never used it for a halloween costume since 2004.

2. What got you into the fandom and when did you start cosplaying from it? I started Instant message role playing on aol when the movies were out. Have never done the live action stuff.

3. The movies - what do you think? Great inspiration or totally off? I loved the extended edition of the movies just because they added so much more than they could fit into the theatrical versions.

4. Any particular race (Elf, Hobbit, Man...) you prefer cosplaying? Why? I generally lean towards elves. Mainly because i love listening to elvish being spoken lol. I've got a ringwraith/Witch king of angmar outfit that i wore to a horror/scifi convention here in the Charleston area for Shockacon. Sadly the robe i was having made for it wasn't fully finished so i got a 20 something odd robe that would work a sub til its ready. I'm hoping to unveil the new robe at Charcon in the middle of October


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