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Originally Posted by VersusTheKyuubi View Post
I was really excited to see this thread, cause I plan on being gijinka Jolteon, And then I saw the dates, and realized, woah, I'm a newbie at this, there's no way I'd get my cosplay ready in time and have money for tickets, and my heart dropped Dx .. But you have my full moral support, ;~;, I'll have it ready for AX though;-;... I mean.. maybe I'd be able to do it >o<!
Aww, I love Jolteon and that would be great! That's too bad, but yeah AX will be fun and even bigger next year with Pokemon cosplay because of XY and if I cosplay as Iris at ALA, I will most definitely be her at AX and attend the annual Pokemon gathering there as well. Also, I LOVE your profile picture! Scott Pilgrim <3
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