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I spoke with Lycoris earlier today (she's going to post her own lengthy experiences) - but no, she didn't receive her cosplay at all, in time for her event this past weekend....despite, of course, all of Mykaios' earlier attempted claims and supposed "assurances" to the contrary (though those were never worth anything) and despite also that "schedule" she was supposedly going to keep to. Yet again, she did not, and now poor Lycoris has also bern equally misled, lied to and betrayed....and my heart just *aches* for her, as well. Yet again, however, I think - with this it is now made only ever more blatantly plain, the nature of the individual with whom we are dealing. Scam artist, pure and can reach no other conclusion but that. The rank dishonesty, disingenuousness, continued deception, false promises ad all just boggles the mind, truly!....
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