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Originally Posted by moonymonster View Post
Sounds great ^^ IF you need any help I ran the gathering last year. I just have been pretty busy XD I'll be....somebody. Haven't decided what yet. What day are you doing this on? Last time I held it on Saturday, but we could do a poll for people. (I don't usually start the threads until about now anyway because most of the cosplayers don't start planning till now.) And there should really be a Facebook event page for this. A lot more cosplayers network on Facebook than here. I can handle that part if you like; I know A LOT of Pokemon cosplayers.
Yup Hey Marissa, I started a Facebook page here and I agree you can get a lot of people to come for the gatherings through there. Feel free to invite people. I set it for the 10th, (1st day of the convention but will change it when we get a Time/Date closer to the con).
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