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What Time Is It!? Adventure Time Gathering

Hey guys~
What's this business? No AT gathering set up yet? We had a pretty awesome year for Adventure Time! New characters, discoveries, character development. I know you're all out there!

We got a couple months to get this goin so lets do this!

Lemme know if you're coming, as what and suggested day and time you'd like the gathering to be and we'll put the pieces together.

I'll be searching the internets for more of us so please do the same and spread the word so we can get this official

EDIT: Alright to make things easier, since it's still kinda early and there is a lot of room on the gathering list I'll make the gathering Friday, Day 1 @ 12pm, Pool deck. (hopefully we wont get run over by the Attack on Titan gathering)
If anyone has a problem with this time lemme know, if not then I'll see you all then c:
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