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I just finished watching this today. So awesome.
Hmm....I may not be able to participate in the shoot cuz Cosplay Chess is the same day, and might be at 3pm like usual, and I'm wearing a poke'mon cosplay for the theme. So I'll most likely attend as a photographer. But if I find that there's enough time for me to change cosplays, (or if I don't get picked), I'll be there as a generic Military Police. :3
AX 2015 Cosplay Plans
Mangle (FNAF2) - 0%
Allen Walker 3rd uniform (D. Gray-Man) - 10%
Barbra Belcher (fem Bob from Bobs Burgers) - 0%
Dr. Francis Stein (fem Stein from Soul Eater) -100%

2015 Cons: Califur, Anime Expo, Anime California, Bent Con (maybe), Nuke the Fridge Con.
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