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Originally Posted by 2DLogic View Post
It's hard to tell from pictures, what are the bubbles? Spots where the acetone was dripped onto the sanded ABS and not immediately removed?

Any plans to integrate some type of interactive screen? It'd be really cool to splice in an old smart phone with a Pip-boy themed interface or something similar.
Yeah that's what I'm pretty sure they are. When I was "painting" the acetone I'd get quite a bit of splatter, so I'm fairly certain that's what the spots are.

As far as adding a screen, the original 3D model was designed to be used with a specific smartphone inside of it. I forget the exact one, it says somewhere on the Instructables page. I'm probably just going to stick my Galaxy S3 into it (assuming it's not too large) and set my lock screen to a static Pip-Boy "screen". I may decide to make it a bit more functional later on down the road, but that's not an immediate goal.
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