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Super Pinky Green

Hi there! I skimmed the thread and didn't see anyone reviewing these yet, but I may have missed it. Oh well, another review can't hurt.

Top left: natural color (dark brown) | Top right: indoors (shade) with flash
Bottom left: Outdoors (shade) no flash | Bottom right: indoors (near window) no flash

Super Pinky Green circle lenses
Purchased from Honey Color

Color: Deep forest green, with a dark almost-black limbal ring and a gradient into transparent pupil.
  • Color: 5/5-- shows up very well on my dark brown eyes. Where natural iris shows in middle, color blends well and looks natural.

Comfort: Yearly lenses. Base curve is 8.6 mm, diameter is 14.8 mm. 45% water content.
  • Comfort: 3/5-- despite high water content, lenses dry out and require drops for long-term wear.

Enlargement: 14.8mm diameter feels quite large. Dark limbal ring increases the enlarging effect.
  • Englargement: 5/5-- big dolly eyes!

Showing the difference between contact (image right) and regular eye (image left).
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