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I see! I've never been to Kastucon although many people have recommended it. Yes, I've noticed that from the last MAGFest I went to. I was more so wondering if cosplaying it 'accepted' there. I've only heard one horror story where someone was touched (a helmet they worked very hard on was thrown to the ground and broken) but most of them were just people being downright rude. I tend to ignore people like that but if there are a lot of people who are like that there, then I'll probably forget cosplaying this year there. I really don't know if that is what they are like towards cosplay though. I mean, I went last year with no cosplay and I only met one jerk while everyone else was really laid-back and nice!
My wife and I NEVER had a problem when we were in costume at MAGfest, so no worries on that front. I know the Cosplay Rost can get a little brutal at times, but it's a roast, so it's kinda expected. But the MAGfest cosplay scene is growing, and it's nice overall, just be careful come night time when the attendees begin drinking and get a little rowdy.

As for Katsu, I went for nearly a decade straight, and am done with that show. They've done a fine job of upsetting management, and this past year was kinda a mess.
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