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Ala Mascot Look Alike Contest

Hi ALA attendees!

I am excited to announce that for the 10th Year of Anime Los Angeles we will be hosting an Ala Look Alike Contest!

Rules for Ala Look Alike Contest

1. Entrant must be available for pre-judging before Main Masquerade starts. Pre-judging will take place at 5:00 pm. on Saturday evening. Entrants will be provided with a badge ribbon to allow them entrance to the backstage judging area.
2. Entrant must be available at the beginning of Masquerade Half-Time (just after Main Masquerade ends) for fashion walk.
3. Costumes do not have to be made by the entrant.
4. Costumes do not have to replicate an existing Ala design, however, they should be recognizable as Ala. Extra points will be awarded for using Ala's traditional colors of yellow, white and red.
5. Only pre-registration is available for this event. No at-con registration.

Description of Ala by creator, Yukiko Green:

She likes sunny yellow clothes, but wears leg warmers in case it's chilly. Thin, lanky, and almost all legs; she has a pixie-ish face with large dark eyes. She has black hair with large bangs that split off to either side. She wears two low ponytails that are twisted and curled up to look like large hoops. She seems to almost always have a hint of a smile on her face.

Ala is an anime/manga/Japanese fan. She would get excited when an event takes place nearby and doesn't hesitate to help promote it. She's not a rabid "Otaku", but enjoys many aspects of it all and perhaps could fall into a fad or two. She's not overly shy and thinks everyone should have as much fun as she does in her hobby. But she's not an obsessive glomper. That's a little too excitable for her.

Entry Form Now Up! pv=1

Registration will be limited to 15 entries, so get your registration done now!

We're looking forward to seeing all the great entries!
-Neo Serenity

Hall Cosplay Department Manager - Anime Los Angeles :

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