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Question Any "Layton Brothers: Mystery Room" fans/cosplayers out there?

I'm just curious, if there's any "Layton Brothers: Mystery Room" people coming to ALA 2014~

I might cosplay as Lucy Backer, with my friend as Alfendi Layton!
And I might hand out "Puzzler" Ribbons + "Laytonesque" balloons for those who solve my puzzles~

[ Check out the "ALA 2014 Professor Layton Gathering" I'm hosting! ]
(Ace Attorney cosplayers are welcomed! WOOT WOOT "Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney"!!)

(P.S. Please ignore my "Inviting the voice of Layton" forum thread, it's a dumb dream....IDK how to delete forums, derp...maybe somebody can help me with that?)
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