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Name of Commissoner: RSP Cosplay/ Miranda


Character Commisioned: Kakashi Jounin Jacket

Pictures: I will upload soon

Timeline: I asked if it would be something they could do and gave her about a 2 month lead time. I expected it to be there on August 1st.

Describe you experience: Well she seemed really nice at first. Said that she could do it no problem and it would be $150 for the whole thing. That seemed fair, so I paid and requested updates and photos when she started. She advised that she would start soon, but had other commissions and cons to attend. A couple weeks later, I followed up and she said she was still busy and that when she starts it, it should only take a couple says. A couple more weeks go by, and I request an update. She said she was gone at cons all weekend, but should start soon. Around the end of July, she finally starts on my jacket and sends me some photos of the complete item. Lets just was AWFUL! The color was wrong, the pockets were embarassing, plus it looks super big! I am only 145lbs and 5'5" 0.o I was just hopeing that maybe it will look better when I get it.

Well she missed my deadline since it didnt technically arrive till 2nd week of august. When I finally got it, I was literally shocked. There were 3 different colors od green thread used, uneven stiching, and it looked so bad. It didn't fit, the pockets were horrifying! I emailed her asap and told I was a bit upset on how the jacket turned out. I paid $150 and this is worse quality than Ebay bought. In fact, I own one and it was better than this hung of crap. I request a parital refund since she did put time into, she never got back to me and still to this day has not given me my money.

Please DO NOT use them! They do terribly quailty of work and if your unsatisfied, they do not reimburse and flat out ignore.

Final Grade: D-
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