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Lolita Tea Party at a Convention

Hello lovely ladies and Gentlemen!
I am of the Events Staff at Anime Banzai a convention in Utah. I have been asked to host and plan the Lolita Tea Party. I have never been to, nor hosted a tea party let alone one for Lolita. So I am wondering what are some ideas for:
and decorations
The con colors are Purple and green I was thinking Pastel purple and mint green napkins
At the event there will be a Lolita Fashion show
We will have a dress code of:
Ladies: Lolita is encourage but not required sunday best is okay (I.e knee length skirt and a top that covers the chest, back and shoulders)
Gentlemen: EGA is encouraged but not required sunday best is okay (i.e. a suit and tie)
NO Blue jeans, T shirts, or sneakers or anything informal will allowed.
thanks for the help
I'll show you a sweet night
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