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Prop commission by chergnomebyl

Name of commissioner : Chergnomebyl
Website : I don't know any but she's or he's here in
Prop commission: gunner yuna, guns

Pic :can be seen in their profile, will upload soon

Timeline: very fast and easy transaction!

Comments: love love love them! Thank you for making them under such tough budget! Sorry that you hurt your hand during tht time too.. Hope it's all better..

Easy and fast well before the deadline. Awesome commissioner! I paid half first for him to start then paid for another half and shipping after I see the picture posted in their profile. As expected, very nice job!! Will commission again if possible!
Thanks again!

Final grade :A+
Cosplay List 2013-2014

OniCon X (Galveston)
Summoner Yuna FFX
Tifa Lockhart FFVII AC
Ikki Con 2013 (Austin)
Summoner Yuna FFX
Tifa Lockhart FFVIIAC
Esther Blanchett Empire Version Trinity Blood
Anime Matsuri 2014 (Houston)
Gunner Yuna FFX-2
Summoner Yuna FFX

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