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Originally Posted by solstis View Post

that an interesting idea :3 . but speakers are heavy, and you'll need extra wire if you expect to move around freely. The best type of speeker to use would maybe be, the ones that go in those 360 earmuff things. or dismantle some headphones. that one part is light but if you use something with a casing it will be heavy.
You know, I never thought to disassemble headphones before. I was going to probably get some small light speakers with a long enough cord to run it up my leg and into the shorts pocket or coil it behind the yellow decoration of the short cuff or possibly some wireless speakers to link up to an MP3 player or something. It was a rough idea all things considered, but if I can pull this off as Len, it'd be pretty sweet. I've seen a few Miku cosplayers edit their outfits in a similar way, but she a great deal easier since one can simply fixate everything into the dress. I'll look that up though, as I'm still thinking of ideas.
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