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Question about the weapon's policy

I am currently working on a cosplay for next year and the character has a white revolver. This would be my first time cosplaying a character with a gun.
So if any of you are thinking this at this point, yes I took the time to double check about handling fake guns safely to make sure there were no gaps in my knowledge.

So I was going to buy a toy gun, gut it, fill the barrel, immobilize any moving parts, and paint it white making sure to NOT paint the orange tip. However, before I would go through all that trouble, I first checked over AM’s weapons policy. Find out no air soft guns, function or otherwise, so those are out. Then I found these two cheapo cap guns. 88aa0a076

There is no mention of cap guns but would either of those two still be prohibited even after everything I do, because in the end they would still look too much like the real thing? I did send an email a while back asking for clarification but never heard back. Maybe because it’s a stupid question to be asking, maybe it's too early to be asking, or they are simply too busy to answer back.

I know the safest bet would be to just not have them on my person at the con. Because in the end the revolver is not absolutely essential for the costume and I have no problem not having it. Still, if I am not breaking any rules and I am not putting myself in harms way, then I would love to have it because it really does complete the costume and is a substantial aspect of the character. Nevertheless, my top priority is to follow the rules and have a pleasant con experience.

Thank you in advance if you take the time to provide an answer and for bearing with me.

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