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Name of Commissioner: Mrs31 (

Character Commissioned: Circus Kate Bishop from Hawkeye #2


Timeline: The timeline was very reasonable. She sent a photo of the fabric on September 21st and I had the costume October 7th. The costume was for NYCC.

Comments: Everything started out very well. She replied to an ad I had posted. I checked out her work which looked amazing and to be good quality. She was always quick to respond and answer any questions/concerns that I had. Then I received the item. It was poor quality and looked horrible on. Where the top and bottom meet (it's a unitard type design) was poor and didn't look straight at all. The top half was much too large (I had sent proper measurements). Once I started taking a closer look I came across seams that weren't the best, including a few holes. I emailed her the following day (I was really disappointed and wanted to calm down). She seemed just as upset and I sent photos like she requested. That was the LAST I heard from her and that was on October 8th. I've tried contacting her a few times to work something out but she has yet to respond. The last email I sent with on the 21st.

Grade: Obviously an F.
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