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Avengers & Marvel Gathering 2014

Hello! I'm not sure if there is a thread for this yet, but I was hoping for there to be an Marvel/Avengers Gathering at ALA 2014. So if you plan to attend please just post here to let us know and you will be added you to the list. In the mean time I look forward to seeing everybody there!
All Marvel comic, TV show, & movie characters are welcome!!!

Date: Friday
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: Pool Deck
-To be sort of specific, click this link for a picture where I lazily circled where we would generally meet. also, look for a genderswapped Captain America holding up their shield as a Beacon (or listen for the sounds of freedom~) CLICK FOR PICTURE
(The tree sort of obscures part of the area but you get the idea)


Darcy Lewis:
~Ice Fox Keiko

~HybridChaos' group member

~HybridChaos' Group member
~Amarasan (maybe)

Captain America/Steve Rogers
~HybridChaos' Group Member
~Tempo_Mischief (genderbend)

~HybridChaos' Group Member

Harley (IM3)
~HybridChaos' Group Member

~HybridChaos' Group Member


White Phoenix


~Dark1WingAngel (Marvel vs. Capcom)

~TsukixxHime (Marvel vs. Capcom)

The Punisher

Spider Man
~DefectiveNaruto (Scarlet)


~Nova-nome (kid!loki)

EDIT: Yay! One more week until the convention! I hope everything is going smoothly for everyone! This edit is just gonna show the picture order for the gathering

Series Specific:
-Iron Man
-Captain America
-Marvel vs Capcom
-Any other series

-“Side Kicks”

Any requested Pair Shots...

Individuls shots

((I also might have to duck out like 5 minutes early from the gathering around 1:15))

Let me know if I missed anyone, would like something added, or have any questions/inquires!
Thanks everyone!
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