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Glamatronic Review

I'm really sorry to have to make this kind of review, but it needs to be done.

A couple months back, I was in a bit of a bind. I needed eyeshadow for my makeup for my costume for PMX, but couldn't find good sources for vivid yellows and dark browns. Eventually, I found them on Glamatronic's Storenvy page, and bookmarked them for future purchase. In the interim, I found the yellow I needed, so I decided to try Glamatronic for a dark brown, as mine had been misplaced and I worried I couldn't find it in time for PMX. So I picked out the dark brown I felt worked best, and purchased it via PayPal the evening of 9/26.

Now, her Etsy store stated that most orders were completed and shipped within 2 - 10 business days, so I waited patiently to hear from her about the eyeshadow. When I hadn't heard a peep by business day 6, I sent her a message via Storenvy asking for a status update. (I started counting from 9/27, since I had purchased the evening of 9/26 after business hours.) When I did not receive a reply to that message within a week, I messaged her store on Facebook asking the same question, reiterating I had a deadline I needed it by, and asking for an update. Two days later, I sent her an e-mail with the same information, telling her I had tried reaching her via Storenvy and Facebook with no reply, and asking for the status. I woke up the next morning (10/16) to see a Facebook response from her. In it, she told me that Storenvy had not shown her my order; however, my payment and invoice were showing via PayPal. She assured me she would send it out that day, and it could arrive as early as the early part of the following week. I said that was fine, and proceeded to wait.

Needless to say, I never received the item. I even allowed extra time to account for any postal delays. Complicating matters, there was no tracking number provided (she said she only provides them if they are requested), so I have no proof it was even shipped. So this past Wednesday, I sent her an e-mail. In it, I told her I had not received the eyeshadow, and offered her a chance to resolve things before I turned to PayPal. I asked she do one of three things:

1) Ship (or re-ship, if the item was lost) the item to me with a tracking number,
2) Offer a full refund
3) Offer a credit toward a different item in the shop.

I told her that failure to respond would leave me no choice but to dispute via PayPal. I asked her not to let it come to that, that I didn't want to have to file a dispute. Having no reply whatsoever since Wednesday, I proceeded with the dispute today. I reiterated my options for her, so we'll see where this goes.

Although this has a slim chance of changing, Glamatronic is NOT recommended by me for makeup. I understand people get busy -and I know she has been reformulating her makeups recently- but that does NOT excuse the lack of communication and my non-receipt of my item. I'm thankful I found my dark browns, and that they will work for PMX. So unless things change, avoid avoid AVOID.
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